Real Blockchain Security

Trusted by developers, end users, and corporations.

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Smart Contract Security Auditing

Manual, industry leading analysis, suggestions, and reporting.

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Corporate Blockchain Security

Working with developers to ensure enterprises know when and how to correctly implement blockchain technology.

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Industry Research

Contributing to the wider community and industry via vulnerability identification and informative resources.

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Blockchain Cyber Insurance via our Registered Partners

Coming soon! We work with our partners to protect projects and their community via blockchain cyber insurance.

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Formal Verification

Mathematical proofs of smart contract specifications, thesis and threats.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing and attack simulation applied to the apps, websites and platforms that act as the front end of web3.

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Incident Response

Ongoing support, monitoring and standby, ready to conduct immediate incident response actions to mitigate hacks and breaches.

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Testing Services

Assisting project and development teams by writing and reviewing unit, integration, fuzz, and other test types to catch edge case vulnerabilities, increase test coverage and mitigate risk.

On-Chain Monitoring

Setting up, managing and analysing on-chain monitoring technology to help give confidence to stakeholders, increase transparency, and allow for faster incident response.

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