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Leading Edge Trusted Audits on your decentralised or Blockchain integrating apps.

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dApp Audit Process

Functional Review: Detailed examination of dApp functionalities to ensure they meet specified requirements and user expectations.
Security Assessment: Identifying vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors within the dApp’s architecture.
Interface Testing: Ensuring user interface elements interact correctly with underlying smart contracts and blockchain layers.
Performance Evaluation: Analysis of the dApp's performance under various loads and conditions.

Trusted Audit Reports

Going beyond industry standard, we provide value to developers and the wider community by including understandable context and risk information:

- Code vulnerabilities and suggestions
- Project context and creation
- Risk assessments
- Industry Research


The Hashlock Security Rating System

Our Blockchain audits are based on our consistent rating system, in which code is qualified based on its quality, vulnerability, future risk, and complexity. We advise that projects with a rating less than secure should not be deployed, and the Hashlocked rating is reserved for projects that value and invest in ongoing security efforts after the audit to protect their stakeholders.

Hashlock Rating System

The Importance of Blockchain Auditing

Holistic Approach

Advantage: Hashlock's dApp audit process takes a holistic approach, encompassing not just the smart contract layer but also the user interface, performance, and overall user experience. This comprehensive review ensures that your dApp functions seamlessly and securely on all fronts.

Enhanced User Trust

Advantage: By rigorously testing and securing your dApp with Hashlock's audit services, you enhance the trust of your users. A secure and reliable dApp not only attracts more users but also builds lasting confidence in your project.

Performance Optimization

Advantage: Hashlock's performance evaluation identifies bottlenecks and optimization opportunities, ensuring that your dApp operates efficiently even under high traffic. This leads to better user retention and a smoother user experience.

Customized Security Solutions

Advantage: Hashlock provides customized security solutions tailored to your dApp's specific needs. This personalized approach means your dApp is fortified against unique threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring robust protection in a dynamic digital landscape.

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