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Move language web3 audit reports.

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Hashlock Move Audits

Manual Analysis: Thorough examination of Move code for latent issues.
Vulnerability Finding: Pinpointing potential security risks.
Thorough Testing: Using advanced tools for attack simulations.
Client Communication: Ongoing updates and communication.
Final Report: Detailed summary of findings and recommendations.

Trusted Audit Reports

Going beyond industry standard, we provide value to developers and the wider community by including understandable context and risk information:

- Code vulnerabilities and suggestions
- Project context and creation
- Risk assessments
- Industry Research


The Hashlock Security Rating System

Our Blockchain audits are based on our consistent rating system, in which code is qualified based on its quality, vulnerability, future risk, and complexity. We advise that projects with a rating less than secure should not be deployed, and the Hashlocked rating is reserved for projects that value and invest in ongoing security efforts after the audit to protect their stakeholders.

Hashlock Rating System

Benefits of Move Auditing with Hashlock

Comprehensive Security Audits for Move Smart Contracts

At Hashlock, we specialize in conducting thorough security audits for Move smart contracts, ensuring that your blockchain applications are secure from vulnerabilities and threats. Our expert team uses advanced tools and techniques to meticulously review and test your smart contracts, safeguarding them against potential hacks and exploits. With Hashlock, you can trust that your Move smart contracts will uphold the highest standards of security, giving you peace of mind and reliability in your blockchain operations.

Expertise in Move Language and Blockchain Technology

Hashlock's team is deeply knowledgeable in the Move programming language and blockchain technology, providing you with insights and expertise that are critical for developing robust and secure smart contracts. Our professionals are constantly updated with the latest advancements and security practices, ensuring that your smart contracts are built to last and perform effectively in the dynamic world of blockchain. Choose Hashlock for a partnership that understands the intricacies of Move and delivers top-notch security solutions.

Customized Audit Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding that each project is unique, Hashlock offers customized audit solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your Move smart contract. We engage with our clients to fully understand their project specifics, objectives, and security concerns, allowing us to provide a personalized audit that addresses the particular risks and requirements of your smart contract. Our flexible and client-centric approach ensures that your blockchain project receives the detailed attention it deserves.

Enhancing Trust and Credibility with Stakeholders

A Move smart contract audit by Hashlock not only bolsters security but also significantly enhances trust and credibility with your stakeholders. By demonstrating a commitment to security through a professional audit, you reassure investors, users, and partners that your smart contract is reliable and secure. This increased confidence can lead to greater adoption, investment, and a solid reputation in the competitive blockchain space. Let Hashlock help you build trust and credibility through unmatched security auditing services.

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