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Manual, Competition Level, Line by Line Smart Contract Auditing. Leading Edge Audits by Esteemed Security Researchers.

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Our Audit Process

Our smart contract security audits follow a ridged process, and aim to find even the most creative and obscure vulnerabilities, exploits and loopholes in protocol logic via manual analysis by our security researchers. Our process includes:

- Extensive Manual Code Review
- Vulnerability Analysis
- Offensive testing via industry leading software toolkits
- First review suggesting development revisions
- Final analysis and report

Smart Contract Audit Reports

Going beyond industry standard, we provide value to developers and the wider community by including understandable context and risk information:

- Code vulnerabilities and suggestions
- Project context and creation
- Risk assessments
- Industry Research


The Hashlock Security Rating System

Our smart contract audits are based on our consistent rating system, in which code is qualified based on its quality, vulnerability, future risk, and complexity. We advise that projects with a rating less than secure should not be deployed, and the Hashlocked rating is reserved for projects that value and invest in ongoing security efforts after the audit to protect their stakeholders.

Hashlock Rating System

Why is Smart Contract Auditing So Important?

External Credibility

Smart contracts are deployed permanently on their respective networks, and govern the movement of currency and your community's assets. High end security testing is a marker of a project that is more likely to succeed, due to its foundation being built with due diligence, and the creators have shown they value the safety of their community

Storing of Value

High end projects regularly store significant economic value, and so they are often the target of various malicious attacks. A high end security review is a relatively cost efficient investment that benefits the entire future of a project's ecosystem and secures its funds.

Internal Trust

Overall, credible auditing ensures internal project stakeholders of the rigidness of their development, and lets them know they are ready for deployment, whilst indicating any future risks or threats.

Security Insights and Reccomendations

The most important aspect of security revisions before launch is the insights and suggestions we give as we work with project developers, allowing for changes that will increase the code's security rating and benefit all stakeholders.

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