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Rust Smart Contract Audits

Leading Edge Security Research and Smart Contract Audit Reports On Rust Smart Contracts including on Solana, Near, Polkadot, Cosmos and More

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Rust Audit Process

Code Analysis: Thorough examination of Rust code for latent issues.
Vulnerability Detection: Pinpointing potential security risks.
Security Testing: Using advanced tools for attack simulations.
Feedback & Revisions: Initial improvement suggestions.
Final Report: Detailed summary of findings and recommendations.

Trusted Audit Reports

Going beyond industry standard, we provide value to developers and the wider community by including understandable context and risk information:

- Code vulnerabilities and suggestions
- Project context and creation
- Risk assessments
- Industry Research


The Hashlock Security Rating System

Our Blockchain audits are based on our consistent rating system, in which code is qualified based on its quality, vulnerability, future risk, and complexity. We advise that projects with a rating less than secure should not be deployed, and the Hashlocked rating is reserved for projects that value and invest in ongoing security efforts after the audit to protect their stakeholders.

Hashlock Rating System

Why Audit your Rust Smart Contracts with Hashlock?

Expertise in Rust

Advantage: Hashlock's team possesses deep expertise in Rust, offering nuanced insights and a thorough understanding of Rust-specific challenges and best practices. This expertise ensures a more accurate and efficient audit process.

Advanced Security Protocols

Advantage: Utilising state-of-the-art security protocols and testing methodologies, Hashlock provides a cutting-edge approach to identifying vulnerabilities and securing your Rust smart contracts against the latest threats.

Tailored Process

Advantage: Hashlock tailors its auditing process to fit the unique needs of your project, ensuring that the audit is not just a routine check but a valuable part of your development cycle.

Comprehensive Reporting

Advantage: With Hashlock, you receive comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports that not only highlight vulnerabilities but also offer actionable recommendations, aiding in informed decision-making and continuous improvement of your Rust contracts.

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