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Protect your Community, incentivise White Hat Reporting

Hashlock Bug Bounty Platform

At Hashlock, we prioritize security and transparency. Our bug bounty program is designed to reward security researchers for identifying vulnerabilities in our systems, and to help protect projects and their communities. We invite you to help us ensure the highest level of security for our products and services.

The Elite Security Network

We are committed to cultivating a network of top-tier Web3 and DeFi security experts. Our ongoing efforts ensure that your project benefits from continuous code reviews by some of the best in the industry. It's common for our experts to identify critical vulnerabilities shortly after a bug bounty program is launched.

Promotion and Community Assistance

We ensure your project’s commitment to security is effectively communicated: Craft and share detailed bug fix reports to highlight your proactive security measures. Provide guidance on communicating patched vulnerabilities to your audience. Tailored PR assistance based on the potential for media coverage.

More Management & Bug Judging Support than any other Platform

Hashlock receives bug submissions, notifies the project as fast as possible, and helps to judge and validate the bug submissions for the project and the security researcher. We then also help support the project to create a bug fix, community announcement, and action plan.

Want to get your project a Hashlock Bug Bounty? 

Contact us here and our team will reach out to you to help plan and onboard you onto our platform with a brand new bug bounty program!