Crypto & Web3 Project KYC

We help to safely & securely validate the identity of a web3 project's team to their community.

KYC Process

Interview: Our expert analyst team interviews the project team members.
Documentation Review: Submission and review of identity documentation and supporting evidence.
Internal Review: Investigation and analysis to ensure the identity is validated.
KYC Confirmation: We issue badges and documentation that show your community that your identity is valid.

KYC Benefits

Going beyond industry standard, we provide value to founders and the wider community by building trust and reducing rug pull risk:

- Transparency and Trust
- Industry leading data security procedures
- Establish credibility and stand out as a protocol
- Gain access to platforms that require KYC

Hashlock KYC Validation

Holistic Approach

Advantage: Our KYC service offers a comprehensive and thorough verification process, ensuring that every aspect of a project team's identity is rigorously checked. This holistic approach guarantees that only legitimate and credible teams are recognized, fostering a more secure and reliable web3 ecosystem.

Enhanced User Trust

Advantage: By implementing our rigorous KYC procedures, user trust in web3 projects is significantly enhanced. Clients and investors can confidently engage with verified projects, knowing that the identities behind them have been thoroughly authenticated by a leading smart contract auditing firm.

Community Badges & Certification

Advantage: Upon successful KYC verification, projects receive exclusive community badges and certification from Hashlock. These symbols of trust and credibility not only boost the project's reputation within the web3 community but also serve as a mark of distinction, setting them apart from unverified entities.

Data Security During the Process

Advantage: We prioritize the utmost security of sensitive data throughout the KYC process. Our state-of-the-art encryption and data handling protocols ensure that all personal and project-related information is protected against unauthorized access, maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity.

Public Audit Spotlights