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We are on a mission to ensure that all stakeholders in blockchain innovation can utilise web3 securely.

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Our Mission

To ensure that blockchain adoption and innovation can be widely used and trusted by the public, corporations and creators.

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Our Story

Hashlock was born with the vision of conducting the most comprehensive blockchain security research possible and applying it with our clients to boost safe innovation. The founders and team quickly learned that this learning process will never end. Hashlock aims to influence blockchain innovation, regulation and usage to best reflect web3s original core values.

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Why Choose Hashlock?

Our team is  accessible, responsive, and highly skilled at both smart contract audits and other cyber security services that impact blockchain developments. Hashlock has two main KPI's we apply to every project.

1. The amount of vulnerabilities we are able to find and correct. We source and recruit our team from bug-bounty competition-like settings to ensure we are able to find even the most obscure of logic errors in contracts and code.

2. The education and awareness we are able to provide to the community and stakeholders. We believe our final reports are best used when they can educate users about a project and their investment into security.

A Community Focused, Collaborative Firm

Hashlock breaks the mould of stereotypical web3 auditing firms by having an active presence in the community, and by being highly accessible and collaborative in the way we work with our clients and partners.

Catch us around at various functions or events in the industry, or ask our team to organise a meeting!

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Core Leadership

The Hashlock team and mission had humble beginnings between two young professionals and academics. Hashlock was built upon its core activity of leading edge blockchain security research and by collaborating with great projects.

As a result of early industry recognition and leading edge backing, Hashlock is a growing team of security geeks and innovation enthusiasts, and has grown into a team of academically focused security researchers.

Jock Haslam

Jock Haslam

Co-founder and Director
Fletcher Roberts

Fletcher Roberts

Co-founder and Director
Chris Moore

Chris Moore

Lead Security Researcher