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Join us as we come together to spearhead Blockchain security, adoption, safety, accountability, enterprise utility, and much more

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When and Where?

The Secure Adoption 2024 Event will be held in Sydney, on the 20th of June. The venue is to be announced shortly.  

What to Expect?

The event will bring together the leading stakeholders in the Blockchain Industry that are bringing safe and secure adoption to the technology. Attendees and Sponsors will include regulators, institutions, developers, builders, and infrastructure providers.

What is the core focus of the event?

Blockchain Security

At Secure Adoption 2024, a pivotal focus will be on enhancing and fortifying the security of blockchain technologies. As these technologies become increasingly integral to our digital infrastructure, the imperative for robust security measures has never been more critical. This segment of the event will delve into the latest security challenges and threats facing blockchain ecosystems, from vulnerabilities in smart contracts to emerging consensus attack vectors. Experts in cybersecurity and blockchain will share insights, innovative solutions, and best practices to safeguard blockchain platforms against sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of decentralized systems.

Enterprise & Institutional Adoption

The Enterprise & Institutional Adoption segment of Secure Adoption 2024 will explore the accelerating integration of blockchain technologies within corporate and institutional frameworks. As organizations across various sectors seek to harness the benefits of blockchain for enhanced transparency, efficiency, and security, this focus area will address the practicalities, challenges, and success stories of blockchain adoption at scale. Discussions will revolve around use cases in finance, healthcare, supply chain management, and beyond, highlighting the transformative potential of blockchain and the strategies to navigate its complexities for institutional deployment.


Standards are the cornerstone of interoperability, security, and efficiency in the blockchain domain. At Secure Adoption 2024, the Standards segment will emphasize the importance of developing and adhering to comprehensive standards that ensure seamless interactions between different blockchain systems and their components. This focus area will bring together policymakers, industry leaders, and technology experts to discuss the current landscape of blockchain standards, the need for global cooperation in standard-setting, and the role of standards in fostering innovation, ensuring compliance, and driving widespread adoption of blockchain technologies.


Innovation lies at the heart of Secure Adoption 2024, with a dedicated segment celebrating and exploring the cutting-edge advancements in blockchain technology. This part of the event will showcase the most recent breakthroughs that are expanding the possibilities of blockchain and its applications. From advancements in scalability solutions, like layer 2 protocols, to the integration of AI and blockchain, the Innovation segment will provide a platform for visionaries and pioneers to present their ground breaking work. Attendees will gain insights into how these innovations can address existing limitations, open new avenues for application, and ultimately shape the future of blockchain technology.


Sponsors to be announced soon.