August 17, 2023

Hashlock soon to launch 'trustedWeb3' initiative to promote blockchain security

Hashlock soon to launch 'trustedWeb3' initiative to promote blockchain security

In the world of blockchain, security is of utmost importance. Smart contracts are the backbone of decentralized applications, and any vulnerabilities can lead to significant financial losses for individuals and organizations. That's why Hashlock exists, to provide independent and unbiased reviews of smart contracts to ensure their security.

However, Hashlock recognizes that it cannot do everything alone. There are many talented developers and consultants who focus on security within the blockchain industry. These professionals can provide additional services that complement Hashlock's auditing services. That is why Hashlock is proud to announce its new initiative, "trustedWeb3".

trustedWeb3 is a platform that lists selected blockchain developers, consultants, and services that focus on security. The platform's goal is to provide a comprehensive list of trusted providers that complement Hashlock's auditing services. These providers will be listed alphabetically, and the platform will be a source of blogs, news and content about blockchain security to help educate users on best practices.

The providers on TrustedWeb3 have been carefully selected by Hashlock to ensure they focus on security and have a strong track record of success. Users can browse the platform and connect with these providers directly to access their services.

Hashlock's decision to create trustedWeb3 stems from its commitment to independence from development. By listing trusted providers on the platform, Hashlock can steer its clients towards other security-focused providers, allowing our core service to stay as manual vulnerability findings within smart contract auditing. trustedWeb3 is an excellent resource for individuals and organizations building their next project on-chain.

In conclusion, the blockchain industry is continually evolving, and security is paramount. trustedWeb3 is a valuable initiative by Hashlock that helps users find trusted providers that complement its auditing services. With a list of carefully selected providers and informative blogs about blockchain security, trustedWeb3 will be the go to platform to stay informed about web3 security best practices, and to start your next project.

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