October 11, 2023

Hashlock launches FORTIFAI, providing third-party validation, integrity checks and security auditing of AI applications

Hashlock launches FORTIFAI, providing third-party validation, integrity checks and security auditing of AI applications

SYDNEY, 28 September 2023 — FORTIFAI, an Australian tech firm that audits the safety and security of AI-generated outputs, has today been officially launched to market.

Having identified the myriad of risks present in the rapidly growing AI space, the company will test AI outputs for safety, alignment and accuracy, provide services to help organisations understand the AI tech they are adopting, and provide full-stack cyber security reviews of AI applications.

FORTIFAI's suite of services is aimed at providing safety, transparency and security to companies and government entities developing and implementing AI applications while providing third-party validation of the projects by an industry-trusted partner.

In its Trust in Artificial Intelligence report, the University of Queensland found that only 34% of Australians are willing to trust AI systems. Furthermore, confidence in the use of AI in the best interests of the public overwhelmingly favour universities and defence forces over commercial organisations. As such, companies must provide transparent processes, and ensure thorough due diligence before adoption to minimise hazards and build trust among their customer bases.

Fletcher Roberts, Director, FORTIFAI, comments, “Businesses are keen to keep up with developments in AI by becoming early adopters, which is great. However, we’re finding that the ethical, security and real-world malfunction risks are high. Conducting due diligence, simulated testing and analysis of AI outputs shouldn’t be considered optional; they’re crucial corporate governance practices that need to be completed prior to deployment.”

“While AI itself isn’t new, the speed at which companies are taking up generative AI is a new phenomenon. No business should be afraid to ask for help in assessing the threats posed by aspects of AI adoption. FORTIFAI can help organisations understand the technology, analyse how it might affect the safety of customers and their data, and then carry out measures to protect the business, its directors and customers against the unintended consequences of rushed implementation,” says Jock Haslam, Director, FORTIFAI.

Roberts and Haslam are the co-founders of Hashlock, known for its leading-edge blockchain security and smart contract auditing. As seasoned experts in the emerging technology auditing space, this pedigree lends trust to the new venture, FORTIFAI.

Hashlock has a plethora of clients in the blockchain space, including The Verida Network, Redbelly Network and works with funded startups and large enterprises adopting blockchain. The firm was featured on CoinmarketCap as the best smart contract auditor, is on the security committee of Blockchain Australia and has ongoing partnerships with top Australian Universities and is part of the NSW Data, Digital and AI Taskforce. 

FORTIFAI and Hashlock are the two primary vertices, both working to achieve the overall goal of the group; to provide leading cyber security for emerging tech.

Visit https://www.fortifai.org for more information.


FORTIFAI is a subsidiary of Hashlock, Australia's leading independent blockchain cybersecurity and smart contract auditing firm. At FORTIFAI, we believe that trust and transparency are paramount in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI). As AI applications become increasingly prevalent, it is essential to ensure that these systems perform as intended, free from biases, inaccuracies, and bugs. 

FORTIFAI offers an AI Integrity Review Service, which is a comprehensive third-party evaluation that helps verify and validate the claims and use cases of new AI applications through due diligence, research, and output testing.