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Bug Bounty

A DeFi liquidity market that allows users to supply crypto and start earning a variable APY from borrowers. Wise Lending excels at capital efficiency and yield optimisation.

Severity Definitions

This bug bounty only rewards high severity bug submissions. A bug is considered high severity if it causes tangible, unintended loss of funds to the protocol or its users. Also, taking ownership of the protocol contracts or permanently freezing the contracts is also considered a high severity bug.

Submission Criteria

All submissions must include a POC, showing all impacts of the vulnerability.
Duplicate submissions don't get rewarded. First submission of each bug wins.


Refrain from publishing or releasing any vulnerabilities, even resolved ones, outside of this Program without the projects consent.
You must not be a minor in your jurisdiction of residence, and you must not be employed by a company that does not allow you to participate.
Rewards will be sent via an agreement between the project and the individual directly.  
Assets in scope

Links to contracts and git:

28th June 2024

Live since


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$100,000 USD

Max Bounty

28th June 2024

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Severity Findings


Severity Findings


Severity Findings


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Submit a Bug

To submit a bug, please email: bug@hashlock.com.au

In your submission, you must include the following details for it to be valid;
1. Full name
2. Address
3. Country
4. A link to a private proof of concept (POC)
5. Detailed explanations of the bug finding
6. Your proposed severity level
7. Your ethereum wallet address

You must be willing and able to provide your identity and the POC over video call with the project leads.